Alberto Giroldini

Italian designer and architect, Alberto Giroldini creates bespoke furniture and prototypes for other architects and private clients

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Jil Köhn

Jil Köhn designs jewelry by using artificial materials and energetic colors to create a high contrast between reality and imagination

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SKETCHWOOD Elena Ferrari logo 2 in.di Independent Design Index

SketchWood by Elena Ferrari

SketchWood is a line of handcrafted bags by Italian designer-maker Elena Ferrari that combines painting, laser cutting techniques, and noble materials such as wood and leather

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Eriko Unno BN

Eriko Unno

One of the most acclaimed Japanese jewelry designers and makers, Eriko Unno creates its pieces by repeatedly weaving, twisting and tangling a single line to transform it into a stereoscopic substance

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KANZ architetti in.di Independent Design Index


Based in Venice, KANZ is a design firm whose objects combine traditional techniques with technical innovation to create shapes suitable for contemporary living

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Manufatto profile


Manufatto is a widespread company that guides the artisans in a process of regeneration, reactivating the shop as a real commercial space

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patrizia bonati feature-image-elenco

Patrizia Bonati

Based in Cremona, Patrizia Bonati is both jewel designer and goldsmith. Her work is typically Italian in the use of materials and the idea of transformation

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Nelly Bonati in.di Independent Design Index

Nelly Bonati

Italian architect and designer, in her works Nelly Bonati combines contemporary design and ancient decorative techniques such as marbled scagliola, stucco, and papier mache

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Terrestre by Bianchini & Lusiardi Associati

TERRESTRE by Bianchini & Lusiardi Associati designs and produces handmade lamps and home accessories transforming natural and sustainable materials into contemporary design objects

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Andrea Bouquet indi Independent Design Index 3

Andrea Bouquet

Designer, artist and artisan, Andrea Bouquet creates unique cabinets and pieces of furniture which mix, blend and graft traditional ebony, furniture, and local history with contemporary shapes

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