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Nelly Bonati

A licensed architect, Nelly Bonati studied at IUAV-Venice and at EAG-Grenoble. Her work is inspired by sustainable criteria and materials, with a long-standing preference for raw earth.

She did teaching and research activities at the Politecnico di Milano University in Milan. She collaborates with various academic and research organizations and associations focused on promoting sustainable design, material culture, applied arts, and design. Nelly also got a Biennial Diploma in Stucco and marbled scagliola craft making. She co-founded the FATTOAMANOCREMONA association in 2005.
Since 1997, she is conducting a design-maker workshop, whose objects and furnishing accessories feature raw and recycled materials, including earth, wood, metal, paper, glass, and fabric, as well as
ancient decorative techniques such as marbled scagliola, stucco, and papier mache.
Created in 2016, CrudoSistema is a collection of living objects with a sinuous coating made of raw earth and scagliola plaster.

Since 2011, Nelly Bonati is also creating unique wearable pieces in fabrics
and other materials, either recycled or selected during her travels around the world:
Col-lane, warm woolen necklaces (Award Contest Ridefinire Il Gioiello V Edition 2015) Ritaglio Cutout, geometric decorations for dress and body. Masaicolbasco, African-inspired collars made from a basque hat in pure wool. ALItessili, silk and cotton petals, wool wings scarfs, to wrap around the body. Fur bis, totally-recycled fur collars.

objects from Nelly Bonati

Nelly Bonati

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