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Eriko Unno

Most of my works are inspired by the organic forms living organisms have selected to pass their lives down to the next generations. In order to actualize the inspired image, I chose to repeatedly weave, twist and tangle a single line to transform it into the stereoscopic substance. The process of repeating the same action gives me the time to meditate. That is why I like this technique. Eriko Unno

Nagoya Eiyo College, Department of Nutrition.
Japan Jewelry Craft institute Jewelry design course.
Alchimia contemporary Jewelry school (intensive course)

1987 JJA President Prize, JJA Jewelry Contest
1989 Encouragement Prize, The 8th Shizuoka Original Craft Exhibition

Selected & Group Exhibition
2017 Cheongiu International Craft Biennale (Cheongiu)
2016 14+15=29 designers del gioiello contemporano (Cremona / Italy)
2015, 2016 Japan-Italy Contemporary Jewelry exchange exhibition
-Dialogue- (Japan / Italy)
2015, 2013, 2009, 2004, 2005 Itami International Craft Exhibition – Jewelry
2013 Cheongju International Craft Biennale (Cheongju)
2014, 2012, 2008, 2004 Japan Jewelry Art Competition
JCDA member’s Exhibition (Paris)
2011 Taipei World Design Expo (Taipei)
Solo Exhibition-Symbiotic- (HCMC)
2010 CCDO Design award (Nagoya)
DIAMETRIC A two-person exhibition (Ho Chi Minh)
2009 JJDA Exhibition Armory Art Center (Florida)
2006 Metal Element Beyond (Seoul / Korea)
2005 – Artists From Asia-Contemporary art center (Delaware)
2004 JJA Jewelry Design Competition (Tokyo)
2002 From The Rising Sun (Brussels / Belgium)

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Eriko Unno

1-9-3 Imanoura
Iwata-city Shizuoka prefecture - Japan
maker / designer-maker
Tel: +81 538 36 6135

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