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Andrea Bouquet

Short bio

After studying woodworking and after ten years in several craft workshops in Piedmont,
I started my journey in 2006, by mixing and grafting art, nature, and culture with craft skills. In a word: artiere (or art-crafter) the definition coined by critic Enzo Biffi Gentili.

Poetics and design approach

In the recent years of super-technologies like 3d printers and digitization of the construction process, my work is probably entirely against this trend. In fact, both design and construction are done by hand and with the help of only a few power tools.
At the project level, I follow a few sketches that are often modified during construction, relying on my experience and sensitivity that guide me finishing the piece according to the material used. I’m in love with the matter and I was trained as a craftsman, so the “know how to do” is my strong point. I mix, blend and graft traditional ebony, furniture, and local history with contemporary shapes. My studio/workshop is situated at the edge of the woods so it looks at a natural, wild environment. This strongly stimulates the nature of my works with their mix of multiple wood species. Because there’s no natural lawn with just yellow flowers. Having the presumption of bringing the wild to art and art to design.

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Andrea Bouquet

Borgata Ciardossina
Villar Perosa (TO) - Italy
maker / designer-maker
Tel: +39 339 82 11 315

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