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Patrizia Bonati

Patrizia Bonati
1964 born in Cremona / Italy
1987-1991 at two goldsmiths apprenticeship in Milano (I)
Since 1991 atelier in Cremona
2003-2008 Giampaolo Babetto course, Florence.
2004 co-founding member of AGC Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo.
2005 co-founding member of FATTOAMANOCREMONA

Bonati’s work is typically Italian in the use of materials, as she mostly avails herself of gold. She creates her own alloys producing interesting color variations. Emblematic of her work is the flexible metal and springy wire obtained by means of hammering and twisting techniques.
She often incorporates white enamel into her pieces, complimenting the gold surface of the metal. She is drawn to the concept of movement and transformation and likes the idea anything can change. A necklace can become a bracelet, an earring can become a brooch, a ring can become a bracelet. There is a primordial nature in her work conveyed by the matt finish, texture, and color of her pieces. She is mainly drawn to circles, but these are usually irregular in shape and never perfectly round.
All these elements convey jewelry that is contemporary in its approach, yet reaches back in time and makes reference to the past.

Prizes and awards
Awards: 2009 Artis, riconoscimento d’eccellenza per le imprese artigiane, Regione Lombardia (I). Museums and public collections: 2003 Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Lipsia (D). 2011 Fondazione Cominelli, Cisano di San Felice del Benaco, Brescia (I).

objects from Patrizia Bonati

Patrizia Bonati

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