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japan design exhibition paris

Japan design in Paris | exhibition at MCJP

Daily life with handicrafts and design, dedicated to the design and craft of Japan, was held in Paris…

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Barcelona museums 07

Barcelona museums | Beyond the Ramblas

Our selection of museums and exhibition centres in Barcelona. With some advice, few suggested itineraries…

Big Bang data exhibition CCCB barcelona

Big Bang Data | Exhibition at the CCCB

The exhibition Big Bang Data, at the CCCB in Barcelona, is a project aimed to investigate the “data explosion” into which we are plunged.

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Gardens of museums | exhibited gardens

When the gardens of a museums are main exhibits: The Jardin des Plantes in Paris and the Adachi Museum in Japan.


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museums sculpture gardens

Gardens of museums | Sculpture gardens

A garden has always been a special place for those lucky museums that have one. But not all gardens are created equal…

vitra campus inexhibit cover

Vitra Campus | an Architecture collection

The Vitra Campus is not simply a corporate museum but actually a unique collection of contemporary architectures…

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Designing Modern Women | MoMA

The set of objects, graphics and videos forming the content of the MoMA exhibition “Designing Modern Women, 1890–1990”…

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moma collection ideas exhibition 09

A Collection of Ideas | exhibition | MoMA

The exhibition “A Collection of Ideas” at the MoMA, New York, testifies that good design is made of “ideas supported by objects” …

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Acropolis Museum, a journey through time

The Acropolis Museum of Athens, along with being an archaeological gallery, is also an ideal circular journey across space and time

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Equilibrium | Ferragamo Museum | Florence

The exhibition Equilibrium testifies the attention that Salvatore Ferragamo always reserved to the anatomy of foot…

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Liverpool Biennial 2014

The 8th edition of the Liverpool Biennial takes place from 5 July 2014, offering a diverse programme…

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hy-fi yap 2014 MoMA ps1 cover

Hy-Fi summer installation at the MoMA PS1

The 2014 YAP casts a glimpse on the possible architecture of the future: a biomorph tower, made of a completely new kind of bricks…

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jewish museum berlin libeskind 01

Daniel Libeskind | Jewish Museum Berlin

In April 1989 the winning project for the Jewish Museum in Berlin by Daniel Libeskind gave rise to…

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Daniel Libeskind | Jewish Museum – Part 2

The second part on Inexhibit Magazine article on the Jewish Museum in Berlin by Daniel Libeskind. The Glass Courtyard and the Academy

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Japan pavilion biennale 01

Japan | 14th Architecture biennale

In Japan, modernization coincided with the import of the Western Model after WW2, but the Country’s frantic development also produced…

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national pavilions biennale 2014 01

National pavilions 14th architecture biennale

Absorbing modernity 1914-2014 is the exhibition focused on the theme proposed by Rem Koolhaas at the Biennale…

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The Netherlands | 14th Architecture biennale

The contribution of the Netherlands at the Architecture Biennale is a critical thinking about its open society…

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Denmark | 14th Architecture biennale

The pavilion of Denmark at the Architecture Biennale depicts how a model of modernity could be identified in the encounter…

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Dominican Republic | 14th Biennale

The pavilion of the Dominican Republic at the Venice Biennale narrates the history of modern architecture in the Caribbean Country…

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guggenheim museum new york 01

The Guggenheim, an American revolution

The history of the Guggenheim museum is New York is that of a dream and a revolution that Solomon Guggenheim, Frank Lloyd Wright and …

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antiquarium sevilla 01

Metropol Parasol Antiquarium – Seville

The Antiquarium archaeological museum in Seville is part of the larger Metropol Parasol project…

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Canada | 14th Architecture biennale

The exhibition of Canada at the 14th Architecture Biennale explores the 100 years-long modernization of the most northerly region…

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Finland | 14th Architecture biennale

Re-creation, the installation presented by Finland in Venice was conceived on the occasion of the Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism…

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Belgium – 14th Architecture biennale

The pavilion of Belgium at the 14th Architecture Biennale develops the theme of modernity by focusing on dwelling interiors

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