2023 Loewe Craft Prize finalists announced


The 2023 Loewe Craft prize finalists announced

The Loewe Foundation announced the thirty finalists of the international annual LOEWE Craft Prize, which showcases and celebrates newness, excellence, and artistic merit in contemporary high craftsmanship.
The works submitted were 2700 from 117 countries around the world.
While awaiting the winner, which will be unveiled on May 16, the Loewe Foundation announced that the 30 finalist works will be exhibited at the Noguchi Museum in New York, starting May 17.
The aim of the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize is to disseminate and raise awareness of the work of talented craftspeople, sharing their greatest achievements. The winning work, selected by an international board should reinterpret tradition to make it relevant now and demonstrate the continuing valuable contribution to the culture of our time.

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Name of finalist: Woosun Cheon – Republic of Korea
Name of work: ‘Open Vase 0622’
Category: Metal
Materials: nickel silver, copper

Some of the 30 finalists of the 2023 Loewe Craft Prize

Loewe-2023-finalists-Aranda-Lasch & Terrol Dew Johnson

Name of finalist: Aranda\Lasch & Terrol Dew Johnson – United States
Name of work: ‘Desert Paper 18’
category: paper
Materials: copper powder, jute pulp paper


Name of finalist: Giorgi Danibegashvili – Georgia
Name of work: ‘Naked’
Category: Textiles
Materials: silk, handmade paper


Name of finalist: Moe Watanabe – Japan
Name of work: ‘Transfer Surface’
Category: Other
Materials: walnut bark


Name of finalist: Mabel Pena – Argentina
Name of work: ‘Wetlands’
Category: Jewellery
Materials: recycled polyethylene bags, 3D filament, inks


Name of finalist: Dominique Zinkpè – Benin
Name of work: ‘The Watchers’
Category: Wood
Materials: wood, acrylic


Name of finalist: Healim Shin – Republic of Korea
Name of work: ‘As Time Goes Rain Falls – Plane’
Category: Jewellery
Materials: canvas, silver, traditional lacquer, acrylic paint


Name of finalist: Wanbing Huang – People’s Republic of China.
Name of work: ‘The Entrophy Reduction of Hundun’
Category: Textiles
Materials: hemp fibers (China grass cloth), steel

Pictures courtesy of Loewe Craft Prize – https://craftprize.loewe.com/en/craftprize2023


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