Luzinterruptus’ Nonconsuming Shining Christmas Trees


Luzinterruptus’ Nonconsuming Shining Christmas Trees

We have been following the work of Luzinterruptus – the Spanish collective renowned for its provocative installations aimed to draw attention to major social and environmental issues – for a long time. Each year, just before Christmas, Luzinterruptus focuses on the waste of energy caused by Christmas lights through installations such as the Consumerist Christmas Tree, a luminous tree made of waste-filled plastic bags, made in Stoke-on-Trent, England, in 2015.

Fearing that 2022 will end in the usual celebration of consumerism, Nonconsuming Shining Christmas Trees (A Parasite Action for Streetlights) – the project that Luzinterruptus, with the usual intelligence, proposes this year – “parasitize” existing streetlights to create zero-power-consuming Christmas decorations.

With this clear objective in mind, Luzinterruptis has chosen to profit from existing streetlights,  attaching to each of them a luminescent cone made of fabric under which they put a potted firtree topped by a shining glass star, while other luminous cones form spaces people can step into, hang out, and relax at night. This way, we get a “squatter low-cost piece”, as the collective calls it, through which “we can all celebrate Christmas with no extra power consumption”.
Merry Christmas to all!





Luzinterruptus, Nonconsuming Shining Christmas Trees (A Parasite Action for Streetlights)
Simulations by @zekewenders. Courtesy of Luzinterruptus

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