Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein | Vaduz

Städtle, 32 , Vaduz
Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Email: mail@kunstmuseum.li
Phone: +423 235 03 00
Website: http://www.kunstmuseum.li
closed on: Mondays
Museum Type: Art
Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein Vaduz 05

The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is a museum and an education center in Vaduz primarily focused on international modern and contemporary art.
Opened in 2000, the museum is housed in a very interesting building, almost entirely clad in black basalt stone.

The Kunstmuseum houses the art collection of the State of Liechtenstein, mainly dedicated to paintings, sculptures, and installations from 19th century to present day, and covering various art movements, from Futurism to Surrealism, from Minimal art to Arte Povera, including artworks by Depero, Hans Arp, Baldessari, Boetti, Bill, Bourgeois, De Kooning, Serra, Nauman, Kirchner, Pistoletto, Judd, Thomkins, Arman, Christo, and Beuys.
Along with modern art, the museum also displays pieces from the famous private collection of Prince of Liechtenstein, composed of exceptional works from the early Renaissance to Romanticism. Works from the collections are usually displayed through thematic exhibitions.

The Kunstmuseum regularly organizes temporary exhibitions, special events and educational programs, specially addressed to children and schools.
At the museum, a shop and a Japanese-style sushi bar are available to the visitors.

An extension to the museum opens in 2015 to house the Hilti Art Foundation collection (see separate page).

Photos: cover by Barbara Bühler; 1 by Ruedi Walti; images courtesy of Kunsmuseum Liechtenstein; 2 and 3 by Hellebardius

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