Fluviàrio de Mora Aquarium

Parque Ecológico do Gameiro, Cabeção, Mora
Alentejo, Portugal
Email: fluviariomora@mail.telepac.pt
Phone: 00351 266 448 130
Website: http://www.fluviariomora.pt/
closed on: see the museum website
Museum Type: Natural history
Fluviario Mora Freshwater aquarium Portugal 01

The Fluviario de Mora (Mora river aquarium) in Portugal is one of the new aquariums exclusively dedicated to freshwater habitats.
The Aquarium is housed in a beautiful modern building, designed by Lisbon-based architectural office Promontorio.

The permanent exhibition of the Mora freshwater aquarium is divided into thematic sections, presenting creatures from rivers and lakes, including those in exotic areas, and multimedia exhibits.

Along with being an exhibition center, the Mora aquarium is also a scientific and cultural institution promoting education on environmental issues and biodiversity and organizes educational programs, conferences, and workshops.
At the center, an auditorium and a cafe-restaurant are available to visitors.
The Mora river aquarium is fully accessible to people with disabilities.

Photos by Fernando Guerra – Courtesy of Promontorio

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