Zaha Hadid Architects | “Forma” cheese grater for Alessi

Zaha Hadid Forma Alessi

Continuing her popular collaborations with the brand Alessi  the 2003 Tea and Coffee Piazza, as well as the 2005 Crevasse Vase – Zaha Hadid partnered with Alessi again in 2015 to design Forma, a stainless steel grater for their new collection.

Zaha is gone, leaving two projects under development. The first is this cheese grater, which is so beautifully Hadidian as to not require comment....” (Alberto Alessi)

ZHA, Forma, Alessi. Photo: Alessandro Milani

ZHD-Forma-alessi-table-ph-Mike De Pasquale

ZHA, Forma, Alessi. Photo: Mike de Pasquale

“Inspired by the natural formation of pebbles eroded over time by the action of water and sand, Forma is designed to comfortably fit the palm of the hand – making it easy to grip and handle. A pattern of asymmetrical holes allows for the cheese to be grated and sprinkled unevenly, giving a unique texture to any dish. The grater is paired with a stand creating an overall sculptural centrepiece; from rock to grater, this piece is both playful yet functional.”
(Zaha Hadid Architects)

ZHD-Forma-alessi-ph-Leonardo Scotti

ZHA, Forma, Alessi. Photo: Alessandro Scotti

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