The Muse, science museum of Trento, celebrates trees and the alliance between art and nature


At the MUSE – Science Museum of Trento, the exhibition ‘Tree Time’ celebrates trees by focusing on an alliance between art and nature.
Open to the public from 31 October 2020 to 30 May 2021, ‘Tree Time’ is a multisensory journey realized by the works of 20 international artists intertwining with historical and scientific analysis.
Two years after the disaster of the Vaia storm, which in 2018 cut down entire forests in Northern Italy, the exhibition highlights the urgent need to reconfigure our relationship with the giants of the plant world.
Born from a project of the National Museum of the Mountain ‘Duca degli Abruzzi’ in Turin, and developed for this new stage with original contents elaborated by MUSE, ‘Tree Time’ gives voice to the languages of contemporary art to build a new vision and care of trees, woods and forests.
The exhibition is therefore a sort of multisensory journey – enriched by the scientific contributions of scholars, botanists, and experts in forest management – which evokes visions and possibilities for a constructive relationship between species human and natural ecosystems.
The invitation is, once again, to strengthen our bond with nature and with our planet, hit by unprecedented fires that have recently devastated the Arctic, by arson (useful for industrial dynamics), and the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest which destroys biodiversity and cultural habitats, accelerating global warming.
Articulated through five thematic macro chapters and set up within the exhibition areas of MUSE, Tree Time is supported by a historical-scientific narration by Matteo Garbelotto, director at the Forest Pathology and Mycology Lab in Berkeley and Adjunct Professor at the ‘Environmental Science, Policy and Management Department of the University of California.
The authors of “Tree Time” are: Gabriela Albergaria, Emanuela Ascari, Joseph Beuys, Simone Berti, Ursula Biemann and Paulo Tavares, Walter Bonatti, Gabriella Ciancimino, Aron Demetz, Hannes Egger, Sam Falls, Helen Mayer Harrison & Newton Harrison, Jiří Havel, Cesare Leonardi and Franca Stagi, Cecylia Malik, Federico Ortica and Andrea Marchi, Sunmin Park, Steve Peters, Giusy Pirrotta, Craig Richards, Albino Rossi, Vittorio Sella, Giorgia Severi, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin (Formafantasma), Mali Weil, Wunderkammer Museum, Ermenegildo Zegna.


above and cover image: Cecylia Malik, 365 Trees, 2009/2010 


Craig Richards, Mubende between Kampala and Fort Portal, 2006 


Andrea Trimarchi & Simone Farresin, Cambio, 2020


Ursula Biemann & Paulo Tavares, Forest Law, 2014  


Giusy Pirrotta, The Secret Life of Plants, 2019-2020

Tree Time. Art and science for a new alliance with nature
31 October 2020 / 30 May 2021
MUSE – Science Museum, Trento (Italy)
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