Milano Design Week 2018 | Ventura Centrale is back for its 2nd edition


Milano Design Week 2018Ventura Centrale – the exhibition event located in the Central station’s former warehouses in via Ferrante Aporti 9 – is back for its 2nd edition with new design experiences. Here is what we will see from April 17 through 22, 2018.

cover: Ventura Centrale, 2018, Baars & Bloemhoff, Column, design by Truly Truly.
Photo Inexhibit, 2018

horgenglarus and Stephan Hürlemann | The installation entitled “Riesen mit Zwerg” (or “Giants with Dwarf”), made up of seven large objects up to three meters high, has been conceived by architect and designer Stephan Hürlemann, who assembled parts of chairs and tables from the collection of Horgenglarus – the oldest Swiss furniture manufacturer.


 Ventura Centrale 2018, Stephan Hürlemann, “Giants with Dwarf “. Photo Inexhibit, 2018


Stephan Hürlemann, “Giants with Dwarf ” © horgenglarus/Hürlemann

AGC Asahi Glass | Sound is at the heart of the installation by world’s leading glass. chemical and hi-tech product manufacturer AGC-Asahi Glass. The installation consists of a space where visitors experience aural phenomena in an innovative way by the means of a new type of glass currently under development.


 Ventura Centrale 2018, ‘Soundscape’ by AGC Asahi Glass. Photo Inexhibit, 2018

Surface Magazine with David Rockwell | For its 25th anniversary, Surface Magazine invited architect David Rockwell, together with other American designers, to reinvent the diner – a mix between a cafe and a restaurant portrayed in many popular films – thus recreating the aura of an American icon.

Milan-Design-Week-Surface-magazine-David Rockwell-Ventura-centrale-2018

Milan-Design-Week-Surface-magazine-David Rockwell-2-Ventura-Centrale-2018

Ventura Centrale 2018, Surface Magazine with David Rockwell, ‘The Diner’.
Photos Inexhibit, 2018

Eileen Fisher in collaboration with Li Edelkoort  | Eileen Fisher chooses to communicate its vision of sustainable fashion based on the concept of circular economy by the means of a set of tapestries, wallpapers and home accessories made from fabric remnants, used garments, and unfashionable clothes.




Ventura Centrale 2018, Eileen Fisher, in collaboration with Li Edelkoort, ‘Waste no more’, installation views. Photos Inexhibit 2018

Fabrica | If the image of a product is more than important than the product itself, why to manufacture objects? Through the “Paradigm” project, the R&D department of Benetton questions the role of products’ image in contemporary design.


Fabrica, ‘Paradigm’ image by Marco Zanin.

Editamateria with Antonio Aricò | Italian brand Editamateria makes designers and artisans meet to better develop and promote the potential of Italian contemporary craft.

Milan-Design-Week-editamateria-Antonio Aricò-Ventura-centrale-2018

Ventura Centrale 2018, ‘ Una stanza’ by editamateria. Photo Inexhibit 2018.


 ‘ Una stanza’ by editamateria, sketch by Antonio Aricò.

Baars & Bloemhoff returns to Ventura Centrale with “Transitions III- Experimental Inventiveness”. Six dutch design offices – Bart Joachim van Uden, Christian Heikoop, Floris Wubben, Job van der Berg, Mae Engelgeer, and Studio Truly Truly – have been invited to engage with the large material collection of the company.


Ventura Centrale 2018, Baars & Bloemhoff. Transitions III-Experimental Inventiveness. Installation view, photo Inexhibit 2018.

Japanese brand Nitto Design presents an installation made with colored adhesive tapes. More specifically, three materials were used: washi tape (a traditional Japanese soft, textured paper), soft and glossy PET tape, and transparent OPP tape.


Ventura Centrale 2018, Nitto, Haru Stuck-on design “Bring colour into your life”, design by Spread. Installation view. Photo Inexhibit 2018.

Paper & Light by Denis Guidone (it) and Tomoko Fuse, is a project aims to create a series of lamps and objects out of traditional washi paper.


Ventura Centrale 2018, Paper & Light, installation view. Photo Inexhibit 2018

Ventura Centrale – 2nd edition
17 / 22 April 2018
Via Ferrante Aporti 9, 20125 – Milano

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