Milan Design Week 2017 | selected events from the Tortona District program

tortona-design-week-2017-BASE Milano-design-nomade-Elena Bompani

After the success of the 2016 edition – which recorded over 150,000 visitors, 200 events, and 20 countries represented – this year as well Tortona District aims to be one of the most popular destinations during Milan Design Week, which takes place from April 4 to 9, 2017.

cover-image: BASE Milano, Nomadic design, Itaca by Elena Bompani

Opened one year ago, BASE Milano, housed in a former Ansaldo factory, is the reference Design Center of Tortona district and, during the Milan Design Week, will feature a core exhibition with projects by designers, manufacturers, and universities dedicated to nomadic design; the exhibition “Design Nomade” will showcase designs focused on the concept of temporary dwelling such as “Itaca, a portable house designed by Elena Bompani; “WaterBed“, a bedroom floating on water conceived by Daniel Durin; the experiments of HOMI Smart, and an installation created by the collective Orizzontale, winner of the 2014 edition of YAP / MAXXI (Young Architects Program).

tortona-design-week-2017-BASE Milano-design-nomade-Emmy-Polkamp-travelling-hotel

 BASE Milano, Nomadic design, Travelling hotel by Emmy Polkamp


 BASE Milano, inerior view, Photo (c) Inexhibit, April,2016

BASE Milano will also hosts the event “Manifattura 4.0, the challenge for the future of the Italian companies” organized by CNA – the Italian association of craft and small-to-medium manufacturers – which will feature the special projects “Green Smart Living”, and “rOBOTRIP | open tools for art and design”.
The program of events of Milano Space Makers will be a map of emblematic projects and initiatives focused on the concept of change, such as “MINI LIVING – Breathe“, depicting how architecture can provide creative solutions for a more proper and sustainable way of life; “Ròng- Contemporary Design Exhibition“, presenting the work of a Chinese collective which investigates the use of traditional materials, including paper, silk, bamboo, clay, and copper; the renowned Norwegian company Vestre will present innovative projects related to urban design and aimed to a sustainable renovation of contemporary cities.

Tortona-design-week-2017-Milano Space Makers-Ròng

Milano Space Makers, Ròng-Contemporary Design Exhibition.

For this year’s edition, the SUPERDESIGN SHOW by Superstudio, focused on the theme of color, will feature spectacular installations such as that conceived by Tokujin Yoshioka for LG; the stunning glasses created by Japan’s AGC Asahi Glass in collaboration with Jin Kuramoto and the award-winning London-based office Raw-Edges; the project “Carpet Sign” with carpets “made in Holland” designed by Karim Rashid; a pavilion presenting the best of Polish design curated by Dorota Koziara; the work of acclaimed French artist and photographer Charles Pétillon for  “Sunbrella”, and “Materials Village” focused on innovative materials and curated by “Material ConneXion” which will also feature an installation by Studio Patricia Urquiola for 3M.


Superstudio, Superdesign Show 2017, “Time to Color”


above, Superstudio design Week 2016, via Tortona.

IQOS Pathfinder Project, a global cultural platform aimed to support novel creative talents will present the installation “Jardins d’Été” by Davide Quayola, composed of a series of videos inspired by French Impressionism and the late work of Claude Monet.

Tortona-design-week-2017- Locations-IQOS-Pathfinder Project

Tortona Locations, IQOS Pathfinder Project, Jardins d’Été” by Davide Quayola

Tortona Design Week is an integrated communication project supported by Milan City Council. The project partners are: Associazione Tortona Area Lab, BASE Milano, Magna Pars, Milano Space Makers, Superstudio Group, and Tortona Locations.

Tortona Design Week
From 4 through 9 April, 2017

Images, courtesy of DDL studio/Tortona Design Week

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