In Bologna the MAMbo is renewed and launches the ‘Nuovo Forno del Pane’ (new bakehouse)


In Bologna, the MAMbo is renewed and launches the ‘Nuovo Forno del Pane’
(new bakehouse)

The pandemic that is affecting the world has triggered a reflection on the role and function of museums in our society. For this reason, it is cheering to know that some institutions are coping with such a complex issue by trying to renew themselves. This is what the MAMbo museum of modern art is doing in Bologna, where the museum’s director Lorenzo Balbi and his staff proposed an interesting project aimed to redefine the identity and strategy of the museum by launching the ‘Nuovo Forno del Pane‘ (the new bakehouse) project.

The construction of the building that now houses the MAMbo was in fact undertaken by the Mayor of Bologna in 1915 as a municipal bakery intended to increase the city’s meager food supply during World War One.
Today, in this post-pandemic time, MAMbo has decided to become a production site again.


above and cover image: drawings by Aldo Giannotti, courtesy of MAMbo, Bologna

In May 2020, Bologna Musei will launch an open call aimed at artists residing in Bologna without a workshop in which to carry out their projects. From the selection, a ranking will be drawn up for the allocation of spaces and incentives for starting the production of new works.
The project also includes the rearrangement of the spaces of the Sala delle Ciminiere and other areas of the museum which will be transformed into ateliers and may include, in addition to the present laboratories, shared facilities such as a recording room/video editing, a photographic laboratory, a small print shop, a carpentry workshop, a space for experimentation on new Augmented Reality technologies, a radio station, a space for artistic publishing, a music room, a performance area, and a space dedicated to self-study reading groups.


MAMbo, external view, photo Matteo Monti, courtesy of MAMbo, Bologna


MAMbo, ‘Sala delle ciminiere’, courtesy of MAMbo, Bologna

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