Liverpool | Open Eye Photography Gallery

Place: Liverpool, Country: United Kingdom
client: Open Eye Gallery , 19 Mann Island -Liverpool Waterfront
Architectural Design:
RCKa - London
Design team: Tim Riley, Tim O'Callaghan
Text and Images courtesy of RCKa

Open Eye Gallery Liverpool 01

Open Eye Gallery – Facade by Emily Speed for the “Wall Work” project

Open Eye Photography Gallery – Liverpool – RCKa architects

Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit

The project for the Open Eye Gallery by the London-based practice RCKa is really interesting also because it is a reflection on the use of architecture as a communication means. The Open Eye Gallery is an exhibition center, focused on photography, located in the Liverpool Dock area, a site that has undergone a complete renovation and is now housing various sets of public functions. One of the strongest key points of this project is how it deals with the “inside-outside” threshold and makes it possible to use the gallery’s external envelope as a large signal that drives the attention of the people passing by, and invites them to enter the exhibition space and has the capability to, symbolically as well as practically, extend the Open Eye Gallery straight into the public realm.

Open Eye Gallery Liverpool 02

Open Eye Gallery Liverpool 03

Open Eye Gallery –  facade by S. Marc Gubb (above) and facade by Sinta Tantra (below)  for the “Wall Work” project

Project description by RCKa
Open Eye Gallery is a publicly funded photographic gallery located on Liverpool’s dock. The building forms part of the wider Mann Island Development, within a UNESCO world heritage site. The design balances the specific curatorial requirements with the need to create a unique, public-facing, and engaging space out of a limited budget.
The desire to make art more accessible to the public led to an approach that unlocked the maximum value from this prominent site, delivering an arresting building whilst also providing more gallery space than was
originally envisaged. A diverse range of gallery spaces are provided and, wherever possible, the building opens up to its surroundings to advertise the Gallery’s presence,  thus engaging with passers-by and ultimately encouraging visitors.
There are three internal exhibition spaces, each distinctive in character and purpose: from Gallery One’s double-height space just inside the main entrance; to Gallery Three which accommodates smaller-scale exhibitions from the vast photographic archive; Gallery Two is open to the city and accommodates events and artists’ talks, thus animating the Eastern façade and advertising the gallery’s activities to the wider public.
The threshold between the distinct Gallery Spaces is marked by dark stained oak corridors, which are both intimate and tactile.

Open Eye Gallery Liverpool 04

Open Eye Gallery Liverpool 05

A key feature in the design is the introduction of the Western Wall between the Gallery and the Covered Public Realm. The wall provides a stimulating canvas for installations; bringing the inside of the gallery out and directly into the public’s gaze; allowing the gallery to appropriate the Covered Public Realm as its fourth gallery space.
The folding form of the wall purpose fully jars with the character of the host Mann Island building and playfully moves around the line of columns in front of it. Its arresting form makes the most of the opportunity to engage with the public and creates a highly visible location for the bookshop without compromising the spatial quality of Gallery One.
The Western Wall is made of a semi-translucent Corian which gives a clean and ethereal quality. This contrasts with more tangible elements such as the untreated brass door handles and unlacquered oak reception desk which will tarnish and age with use.
The new building has given a greater presence to the Open Eye Gallery increasing visitor figures from an average of 6-7,000 visitors to 53,000 visitors in its first year of opening. Greater visibility has increased the gallery’s self-generated income through retail sales, donations and gallery hire. The increase in visitor numbers lead to a 9% increase in revenue funding from the Arts Council of England’s at a time when ACE was reigning in both capital and revenue funding nationwide. The building has therefore not only enhanced the Open Eye Gallery programme; it has also assured it’s financial future.

Text and Images courtesy of RCKa

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Open Eye Gallery | Liverpool
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The Open Eye Gallery is an exhibition center dedicated to photography located at the Liverpool docks, between the Tate Liverpool and the Museum of Liverpool

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