Marseille | The design of the 24H Architecture

Place: Marseille, Country: France
24H d'Architecture – Marseille
17 -18 October, 2014
Organization: Réseau des Maisons de l'Architecture
Design: PAN Architecture
Text: inexhibit
Images courtesy of PAN Architecture
Jean-Luc Fugier - Mathieu Barbier Bouvet


24H d’ Architecture in Marseille | design project by PAN Architecture

This article presents the design project developed by the French office PAN Architecture for the second edition of the 24H d’ Architecture in Marseille, a biennial event focusing on architecture and organized by the association Réseau des Maisons de l’Architecture.

The venue of the event, which took place in October 2014 and registered about 7,000 visits, was the Friche de la Belle de Mai complex, a former tobacco factory which was recently converted into a lively creativity hub with spaces for creative companies and associations, workshops, recreational sports facilities, a concert hall, a book store, exhibition spaces and a learning center.



The project by PAN Architecture was aimed to create an array of inter-connected and welcoming spaces, to promote the site and emphasize its openness, strengthening the relationship between the Friche and the citizens of Marseille. The project extended on an overall floor area of over 10,000 square meters (170,000 square feet).


PAN Architecture adopted a precise alphabet of elements and materials to cope with the industrial character of the building complex and its rough concrete structures; colored plastic foils were used to underline the spaces hierarchy and to identify areas dedicated to different types of event; recycled pallets were used to create vertical partitions, supports, raised platforms and micro-architectures, while horizontal marking and area delimitation was made with adhesive graphics directly applied to the concrete pavement to further emphasize the peculiar identity of the event.





24H d’Architecture – Marseille
17 -18 October, 2014
Organization: Réseau des Maisons de l’Architecture
design: PAN Architecture, Jean-Luc Fugier & Mathieu Barbier Bouvet

Images courtesy of PAN architecture – Jean Luc Fugier & Mathieu Barbier Bouvet


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