Kunstmuseum Bern and the Gurlitt bequest

Place: Bern, Country: Switzerland
Kunstmuseum Bern
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Images courtesy of Kunstmuseum, Bern

KUNSTHAUS BERN-interior-02

Kunstmuseum Bern, storage. © Foto: Dominique Uldry, Bern. Courtesy of Kunstmuseum Bern.

The controverisal Gurlitt art collection on deposit at the Kunstmuseum Bern

On 24 November 2014, the Kunstmuseum Bern officially announced that the Gurlitt collection will be held on deposit at the museum.
The treasure collected by Hildebrand Gurlitt – Hitler’s art dealer – was found in 2012 inside two abodes, in Munich and Salzburg, owned by Hildebrand’s son, Cornelius, who kept it secret for over 70 years.


Kunstmuseum Bern, exterior view .© Foto: Kunstmuseum Bern.
Courtesy of Kunstmuseum Bern.

A large part of the 1,200 artworks found was seized from Jewish families during the Third Reich, therefore the President of the Kunstmuseum accepted the controversial art collection on the condition that the German Government will look for all the families the artworks were illegitimately subtracted to.
Into Cornelius’ houses, the police discovered masterpieces by Monet, Courbet, Picasso, Klee, Matisse and by several other prominent artists. Cornelius, who since the collection was found had refused to give back works that, beyond any doubt, were plundered, short before his death bequeathed the collection to Switzerland.

The Kunstmuseum Bern, to help the quest for the original proprietors, is publishing the complete catalogue of the artworks retrieved from Cornelius Gurlitt’s residences.

kunstmuseum-bern-gurlitt collection-salzburg

Some Images from the list of the Gurlitt collection – (Salzburg Art Fund).
Courtesy of Kunstmuseum Bern.

Above, from the left:
Gustave Courbet (1819–1877) Winter landscape 48.5 x73 cm – oil on canvas
Otto Mueller, Seated Nude on the lake signed Otto Müller, 35 x 50 cm. 52 x 66.8 cm. Chalk on paper mounted on cardboard.
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Recto: two nude woman. Verso: signed and dated 05, 34.6 x 42.8 cm. pastel on paper.

Bottom, from the left:
Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) still life, signed Picasso, watercolor on paper.
Paul Gauguin (1848–1903) Lying in candlelight, 1893 signed & dated 18 x 24 cm. Oil on Canvas.
Paul Signac (1863-1935) River with boat, 1888, 46 x 65.5 cm, Oil on canvas.

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Kunstmuseum Bern
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The Kunstmuseum Bern is a leading museum of art in Switzerland, with paintings, sculptures and other media dating, from the Middle Ages to the present day

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