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CUB. “swapping camp” at Marta Herford Museum

Place: Herford, Country: Germany
ULTRACONTEMPORARY art format Swapping Camp
Museum Marta Herford
Germany. (August, 2015)
Images courtesy of
Emergency Room, Thierry Geoffroy.

marta herford-swap-camp-ultracontemporary-00

Thierry Geoffroy/COLONEL, founder of the CUB – Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Biennale, that will takes place in 2017 in the Danish capital, has been invited to install a “swapping camp”, debate workshop, in front of the main entrance of the Marta Museum, designed by Frank Gehry in Herford, Germany.
The  installation takes the cue from the arrival in the German town of 200 refugees, and the subject of the debate, to which people of different social and cultural background participated, was their reception in Germany.

marta herford-swap-camp-ultracontemporary-01

The installation, constituted of camping tents, on which messages were written inviting to reflect on the refugees resettlement issue, but also on the role of art in contemporary society, also provided a foretaste of the future  Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Biennale.
It was indeed a sample of what Geoffroy calls “debate format”, a platform aimed to stimulate discussion on issues of topical relevance.

marta herford-swap-camp-ultracontemporary-02

marta herford-swap-camp-ultracontemporary-03

marta herford-swap-camp-ultracontemporary-04

marta herford-swap-camp-ultracontemporary-05

In a recent interview on the Danish biennale, Geoffroy anticipated that about 200 artists will be invited to provide their vision of today’s reality. The Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Biennale will take place in museums, galleries and public spaces, but will include also a music festival and collaborations with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

the SWAPPING CAMP “ULTRACONTEMPORARY format@Museum Marta Herford in Germany,
a debate format activated @ Museum Marta Herford.
ULTRACONTEMPORARY about “Should we welcome refugees?

Copenhagen Ultracontemporary Biennale


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