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Nelly Bonati handmade vases in raw earth and plaster 1

| Product type: Home accessories
| Made by: Nelly Bonati
| Designer: Nelly Bonati

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Objects for the living with sinuous coating system in raw earth and plaster

Handmade vases for the living room, starting with the upcycled glass and above all by the desire to mold the coating material by hand: a mixture of raw earth and plaster. Just the manual modeling will give the main feature to the finished product, the precious “sinuous” imperfections.
The glass container is coated starting from a layer of natural glue and plaster then proceed with layers of earth and earthy pigment until the surface is polished with the help of spatulas, stones, oil and wax.
The coating method can be applied to different types of objects, very variable in shape and size. The beauty of the family of objects will be particularly enhanced by the ability to work on textures and color combinations, on chiaroscuro, on bas-relief, on glossy or opaque effect. Yes to the raw then (crudoSI)!

Materials: glass, raw earth, gypsum plaster, mineral pigments
Dimensions (cm): each vase ranges from 10x10x30 to 15x15x40
Weigth approx.: 700 grams
Year: 2017

crudoSIstema series

Nelly Bonati handmade vases in raw earth and plaster 3

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