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Objects are part of our life, they contribute to our personal and social background.
Of them, we appreciate their materials, the forms which reveal the intelligence of their creators, to be able to evoke places – either real or fictional – where we would like to be or to had been.


What’s in.di?
in.di – Independent design index – is an online gallery that promotes independent design
in-di presents design companies, designer-makers, and their products. Either unique pieces or series featured objects of design will be sorted into three macro-galleries: HOME (furniture and home furnishing accessories), FASHION (jewels, clothing, fashion accessories), LEISURE (bicycles, sports and leisure equipment, games and toys). In-di does not feature speculative projects or prototypes, but only real products.
We think of in.di. as a community of people who design and make objects following highly original, personal paths; a system aimed to highlight and provide more visibility to creative producers around the world.
in.di is looking for quality and innovation; for products well-conceived and well-made; for designer-makers, craft businesses, and small companies capable to make the most from production techniques and skills other than large-scale industrial manufacturing; to support and give importance to what, in a nutshell, we call independent design

Who can subscribe to in.di
Subscription to in-di is open to makers, designer-makers, design galleries, design-oriented craft business and manufacturing companies. A creative and conscious use of materials, conceptual and production process innovation, promotion of local resources and capabilities, novelty; In-di’s designers and makers will be selected for at least one of these reasons

Why enter
A unique feature of in-di is to be an integral part of, a bilingual magazine founded in 2014 with over 500,000 yearly readers* – not just specialists – interested in art, design, architecture and more.
In.di is, therefore, a privileged meeting place where design companies and our magazine’s readers come together, also by the means of the special banners that, from the magazine’s articles, link directly to the profile pages of companies and designers part of in.di.

(* period: December 2016 – December 2017)

Subscription fee
The annual fee for a 12-month listing on in-di is € 200+VAT.
The full-year-long subscription period will start on the date of online publication of your pages.

Until December 31, 2018, we apply a promotional annual fee reduced to € 130+VAT and a special price for designer-makers under-35 of € 70 +VAT

How to get listed
Acceptance to in.di is not automatic, all requests will be evaluated by our staff.
If you are interested in being listed on in-di, please complete the “letter of interest” form below (sending the form does not imply any obligation on your side); we will reply in a week.
If your application is accepted, we will send you all the documents to finalize your subscription.

Contacts and team
If you need more information about In.di, please contact us at

The team of in.di 
Riccardo Bianchini
Federica Lusiardi
Nelly Bonati
Antonella Gravana

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