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IN_Tenso – cupboard

Furniture - cupboard . iron, chestnut wood, crystal

Piet – cupboard

Furniture - cupboard . iron, chestnut wood.

Candy Forest

Jewelry - brooches . resin, magnet


jil-kohn-indi-cover-watertopia-Last Branch Ring
Jewelry - jewelry . resin, sterling silver

Garden of Eden

Jewelry - brooches and rings . resin, acrylic composite, sterling silver

Drèit e Mut – cupboard

Drèit e Mut hand-crafted wood cupboard Andrea Bouquet in.di Independent Design Index 1
Furniture - Cupboard . fir, ash, walnut, chestnut, gold leaf

Bouisoun Baroque – cabinet

Bouisoun Baroque hand-crafted wood cabinet Andrea Bouquet In.di Independent Design Index 3
Furniture - Cabinet . larch, maple, chestnut, and ash wood


Eriko Unno - gold plated silver brooch - in.di Independent Design Index
Jewelry - Brooch . silver, gold plated silver


Pendant silver Eriko Unno in.di Independent Design Index 2
Jewelry - Pendant . silver, oxidized silver


hand-crafted silver and brass ring by Eriko Unno in.di independent design index
Jewelry - Ring . silver, brass


Eriko Unno necklace gold leaf magnetic audio tape in.di independent design index
Jewelry - Necklace . magnetic audio tape, gold leaf

BUBBLE – wine glasses

BUBBLE wine glasses KANZ
Home accessories - Wine glasses . borosilicate glass

TAKE – carafe and glass

TAKE handcrafted glass carafes and glasses KANZ 1
Home accessories - carafes and glasses . Borosilicate glass