Garden of Eden


| Product type: Jewelry
| Made by: JIL KOEHN
| Designer: Jil Köhn

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Garden of Eden

Inspired by surrealism and nature, I design jewelry in the field of the tension between art and design. The basis of my work is the exploration of imaginary places. In doing so I create compositions that testify to an earthly – and at the same time supernatural – appearance.
The collection GARDEN OF EDEN deals with the topic of paradise. How does paradise look like? Is there any general idea of it? Why is it so difficult to translate mental pictures into words? Maybe it is all about the atmosphere.
GARDEN OF EDEN is a contemporary jewelry collection which consists of brooches and rings that seem like little paradises.

Material: resin, acrylic composite, sterling silver
Size: between 80 -135 mm.


photos: Kevin Momoh + Jil Köhn


Garden of Eden Collection
cover image: Schoham
From top to bottom, left to right: Moses; Bedolach ; Bedolach Paradise; Bedolach; Gihon; Gihon Paradise; Fancy Desert; Utopian Forest; Schoham Paradise; Pischon.

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