BRAIN INK – La Manica Lunga

Established to present graphic works in an unconventional way, Brain Ink is a project by La Manica Lunga officina creativa.

Based in Sospiro – a municipality in the Province of Cremona, northern Italy – La Manica Lunga officina creativa is a creative workshop housed in a wing of the Villa Cattaneo Ala Ponzone, a late 18th century villa bequeathed to the town by the Marquis Cattaneo family in order to accommodate public assistance and charitable institutions. In Italian, the term “manica” indicates a tube-shaped space – such as a gallery, a duct, or a large building wing; therefore, the mission of the creative workshop – to convey content from the inside to the outside – perfectly matches the original function of the space it is housed into.

The La Manica Lunga officina creativa is an art workshop where the artist and creative director Paola Pontiggia organizes experimenting and study programs. Creative activities stimulate new ideas, trains people for open-minded approaches and structured experiences; thus, art becomes an instrument of social inclusion. Since 2005, La Manica Lunga is developing projects and collaborations throughout all Europe.

The products featured in in.di are part of the BRAIN INK project. Reiterative graphic signs combine with garments which become means of pure intuition. Brain Ink presents unique patterns, sort of visual mantras created by artists who, methodically, repeat their sign. Some clothes are made from out-of-the-season clothing, thus combining uniqueness with sustainability though fabric upcycling. Each piece’s design is inspired by the available graphics and textiles.


objects from BRAIN INK – La Manica Lunga

BRAIN INK – La Manica Lunga

Palazzo Cattaneo, piazza Libertà, 2
Sospiro - Italy
Open: open to visitors by appointment

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