Trina tris – Trani marble series

Trina marble cutting board, trivet, and utensil holder Manufatto

| Product type: Home accessories
| Made by: LDT Marmi
| Designer: Manufatto

| Price: € 250/270 for the set

Trina tris – Trani marble series

This singular kitchen trio features a cutting board, a trivet, and a utensil holder, each piece’s distinct texture representing a phase in the marble excavation process. The cutting board represents the first phase of cutting the marble, sawing back and forth and creating rough edges. The trivet represents Scapezzatura, the second phase that remove any roughness. The utensil holder represents the last phase, smoothing out any imperfection to reveal crisp edges. This thoughtfully-executed set demonstrates innovative design, modern sensibility, and exceptional material quality.

Material: hand polished Trani marble
Diameter: 20 cm (trivet), 30 cm (cutting board), 6 cm (utensil holder)
Limited edition

LDT Marmi
Based in Rome, Mimmo and his collegues are masterly carving marble for 40 years. Hand skills and materials used are their distinctive features.

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