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TAKE handcrafted glass carafes and glasses KANZ 1

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| Made by: KANZ
| Designer: KANZ architetti

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The first born in the family is the TAKE 75 cl carafe, the result of the principle decoration = function. The project aimed to create objects to use, items in which the aesthetic value did not exceed the function, but on the contrary, where the decoration could be a support to the real use.

The rings that mark the body of the carafe, and that at first glance may seem like mere decoration, are actually measure of the liquid content and at the same time help to keep a firm grip. The first ring marks the 25 cl, the second the 50 cl and the last ring indicate the 75 cl, ie the content of a common bottle of wine.

They are made by hand by the master glassmaker, who first heats the glass body and then slips it down, realizing with precision the ribs on the surface of the cylinder.

The TAKE carafe reminds the trunk of bamboo and it is in pursuing this suggestion that has been designed the nozzle cut, so as to resume the Japanese fountains with the arm swinging bamboo. That arm falls rhythmically under the weight of the water and dropping beats on the stone below to create the distinctive sound that has the function to remove the crows. Once again decoration = function.

Material: handcrafted borosilicate glass

TAKE handcrafted glass carafes and glasses KANZ 3

Wine and water glasses

TAKE handcrafted glass carafes and glasses KANZ 2

TAKE 75 cl and 50 cl carafes

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