re-lamps pendant light #small


| Product type: Lighting
| Made by: Bianchini & Lusiardi associati
| Designer: Federica Lusiardi

| Price: € 140 VAT included

TERRESTRE | re-lamps pendant light #small series

The forms of the TERRESTRE | re-lamps pendant lights are inspired by plants, while their colors evoke those of unsaturated chalky stucco.
The lampshade is modeled into a mold and air dried thereafter.
Materials: the lampshade is made in hand-made papier-mâché pulp from recycled cardboard filled with plant fibers and natural pigment. Finish: beewax
Lampshade diameter: 26 cm. (10 in.)

Each piece, numbered and signed, is compliant to the EU safety regulations and CE marked



re-lamps #small series



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Terrestre by Bianchini & Lusiardi Associati

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