re-lamps #40 – pendant light


| Product type: Lighting
| Made by: Bianchini & Lusiardi associati
| Designer: Federica Lusiardi

| Price: € 240,00 VAT included

TERRESTRE | re-lamps #40 series – pendant light

The forms of the TERRESTRE | re-lamps light fixtures are inspired by plants, while their colors evoke those of unsaturated chalky stucco.
The lampshade is modeled into a mold and air dried thereafter.
Materials: the lampshade is made in hand-made papier-mâché pulp from recycled cardboard filled with plant fibers and natural pigments. Finish: beewax
The pendant holder is cut from a single piece of oak wood.
Lampshade diameter: 40 cm. (15.8 in.)

Time for production from order: 10 days
Color (ivory white, Verona green, Pompeian red), lower edge profile, and lampshade form (cone or bowl) are at the client’s discretion.

Each piece, numbered and signed, is compliant to the EU safety regulations and CE marked


re- lamps # 40 series



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Terrestre by Bianchini & Lusiardi Associati

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