Gutta – umbrella holder

Manufatto Gutta indi umbrella holder 1

| Product type: Home accessories
| Made by: I Frioli
| Author: Manufatto

| Price: € 1,100.00

Gutta (A drop could dig a stone) – umbrella holder

The infinitely small liquid element could change the stone giant. So it realize the paradox of the will.
In the making of marble water it is always present, from the early days of the technique to the latest technological achievements. The alliance between these two apparently contrasting elements inspired the works of Gutta Cavat Lapidem and pays tribute to this material ancestral complicity.

Material: polished Carrara marble
Dimensions: ca. 35 cm x 45 cm h 4cm
Limited edition

I Frioli
I Frioli established their marble-carving workshop in Rome in 1887, when Leopoldo Frioli moved his business from the Emilia-Romagna region to the capital of Italy. Now, after five generations, I Fioli’s aim is to keep on perpetuating the marble working heritage and traditional craft techniques.

Manufatto Gutta indi umbrella holder 2

Manufatto Gutta indi umbrella holder 3

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