FUGU – vase

FUGU glass and brass vase KANZ architetti 1

| Product type: Home accessories
| Made by: KANZ
| Designer: KANZ architetti

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FUGU  – vase in borosilicate glass

The FUGU vase is part of the project Ikebana for beginners, it is the translation of a concept that wants to confuse the limits of the function of a product with the emotional freedom generated by the user’s involvement. This is how objects that are no longer static expressions of an already known motif come to life. They are real architectures in progress, slender glass and metal compositions whose primary purpose is the exaltation of cut flowers. It is not a matter of celebrating only its aesthetic value, but of bringing the flower to new life by artificially reconstructing the structure of a living plant. The derived architectural forms are the result of a new path, in which the design of a vase – if you can still talk about pot – subverts all the rules and focuses on the concept of “supporting” rather than the need to “contain”.

For the architectures of Ikebana for beginners local artisans have been involved in a relationship where contemporary design contaminates consolidated knowledge by blurring the boundaries between innovation and tradition.

Materials: borosilicate glass and brass
Dimensions: W 25 cm, H 100 cm

FUGU glass and brass vase KANZ architetti 2

FUGU glass and brass vase KANZ architetti 3

Photos by Robert Vicentini

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