Cerere & Semia – Bucchero series

indi-MANUFATTO Cerere vase Semia bowl Bucchero hand made ceramic containers

| Product type: Home accessories
| Made by: Michele Totino
| Designer: Manufatto

| Price: € 240/250 each

Bucchero series – Cerere containers & Semia bowl

The bucchero is a kind of black and semi-gloss ceramic, conceived by the Etruscans to make pottery, obtained through a particular cooking technique: it tooks place in an oven suitable for producing an oxygen-free internal atmosphere that allows the transformation of the ferric oxide of the clay into the ferrous oxide which gives a typical blackish tint to the objects. During cooking, the burning wood close to the pottery releases a quantity of smoke that saturates the terracotta and helps the coloring process. The beech cork that closes the container has a blackened, charred part, just to remember this peculiar cooking technique.

Materials: “Bucchero” ceramic with beech wood cork
Dimensions: ca. H 30 cm D 20 cm (“Cerere” containers), ca. H 8 cm D 28 cm (“Semia” bowl)
Limited edition

Ceramisti Totino
Michele Totino is an artisan specializing in the production of ceramics; a family tradition started by Romolo Totino sixty years ago. Tarquinia is the hometown of this artisan, whose workshop is just a few steps from the town’s Etruscan necropolis.
Totino’s great passion for Etruscan pottery techniques makes him on of the few artisans in Italy to still make Bucchero ceramics today.

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