BUBBLE – wine glasses

BUBBLE wine glasses KANZ

| Product type: Home accessories
| Made by: KANZ
| Designer: KANZ architetti

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BUBBLE – wine glasses

The materiality, in the case of a standardized object such as a wine glass, becomes a significant challenge. Precisely for this reason the Kanz wanted to work denying the typical industrial processing of borosilicate glass, choosing to pursue the principle of randomness.
The result is the chalice BUBBLE, whose bowl seems a breath, a real bubble always different in shape and size, which still maintains the characteristics of the classic
wine glass.
The foot, large and thin, together with the stem, light and irregular, wait the moment when the bubble, in a precarious balance, leaves the matter which it took shape from, becoming unique in the air.  BUBBLE is their meeting point, the frame of an instant.

Material: borosilicate glass
Dimensions (in cm): XL Ø 13.5, H 20.5 – Large Ø 11, H 19 – Small Ø 9, H 16

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