Barcelona | Yota Devices Pavilion

Place: Barcelona, Country: Spain
Client: Yota Devices
Exhibition design: External Reference: Carmelo Zappulla, Nacho Toribio.
Collaborators: Katinka Szödényi. Mapping: Onion Lab
Led programming / installation: Mid
Production: Craft Art Labor, Medio Design.
Text and images courtesy of EXTERNAL REFERENCE - Barcelona / Spain


photo by External Reference

Yota Devices Pavilion – text by External Reference

At the 2013 Mobile World Congress (the world’s largest fair of mobile industry), visitors could see the Yota Devices Pavilion, where the Russian company Yota Devices presented Yota Phone – the first Android phone with a liquid crystal display (LCD) and a paper display (EPD).

The purpose of the booth was twofold: to exhibit these innovative products and also to induce a deep sensory experience. The project was organized through three architectural operations. Firstly, we defined a shelter, a case characterized by the deployment and the sliding of  2 continuous surfaces. This spatial container gave a response at all scales of the program. Secondly, we completed the space contained by these surfaces with a ´forest´ of metal rods, integrating the structural elements. This operation allowed to delimitate the boundaries of the pavilion without closing it visually. Thirdly, the communication and functional elements of the project, following the Yota Devices´ needs, were solved with a series of capsules of bulbous geometry. These acted as a showcase, in co-ordination with custom made furniture. The latter was used as a base station for presenting the Yota phones and the connectivity devices.


 copyright and photo by External Reference

A space was entirely reserved to house a show, based on the projection over a 3d Model, conceived to present the brand ideology and the new Yota phone.
The Yota Pavilion Project aimed to generate an artificial tech-scape integrating several levels of design. This artificial landscape regulated the circulation of the visitors, using a system of thin bars.
The whole project should be thought of as a permeable, interactive sculpture, consisting of arrays of thin tubes with hanging capsules containing devices. By exploring the sculpture, users were able to walk around and explore the products presented by Yota.   During this experience the visitors were hypnotised by synchronized lights, sounds and colours, producing a closely enveloping atmosphere.


copyright and photo by External Reference


copyright and photo by External Reference

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