Installations at the Brandery – Barcelona

Place: Barcelona, Country: Spain
Client: IED Barcelona, The Brandery.
Design: External Reference Architects
Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla
with M. Tepedino

Text by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit
Photos courtesy of External Reference Architects

BRANDERY summer external reference 03

These two projects were realised by the Barcelona-based practice External Reference for the IED and presented at the Brandery fashion show hosted at the Barcelona Fair during the winter and the summer 2011.
Both projects express a similar intent: to create a minimal  micro-booth to expose pieces of clothing in a creative way. Even if the logic is similar for both designs, External Reference was able to express it with different interpretation, appearance and materials. Both projects share indeed the capability to be expressive with a minimal use of gross material and with an extremely reduced construction cost, from 1,000 to 1,500 euros for each stand.

BRANDERY external reference 01

The first design, developed for the winter edition of the Brandery show, use a dense aggregation of timber  joist, arranged so to form a spatial configuration suitable as garments support. The whole structure is confined inside a regular box and, though apparently very simple, provides an intriguing visual complexity with a minimal use of an inexpensive material as well as the ability to be assembled by non-specialized workers.

BRANDERY external reference 04

BRANDERY external reference 02

The second project, built for the summer edition of The Brandery, develops a similar approach but by using different materials and geometry. A single nylon thread is drawn several times back and forth between the opposite sides of a small white box and fixed through 5,000 spikes, so creating a spatial net to which the clothes can be freely suspended, recalling the idea of an out-of-scale transparent piece of fabric. Again a minimal use of humble materials leads to complexity, both visually and in terms of use.

BRANDERY summer external reference 01

BRANDERY summer external reference 02

BRANDERY summer external reference 04

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