A+ Architecture – The Lucien Cornil Student Residence 8-story CLT building

Place: Marseille, Country: France
Lucien Cornil Student Residence, Marseille
Images courtesy of A+Architecture
Photos: Benoit Wehrlé


A+ Architecture | Lucien Cornil Student Residence, Marseille.

Completed in November 2017 after a design by French design agency A+Architecture, the Lucien Cornil student residence is an eight-story timber building located in Marseille, southern France.
The residence is one of the highest buildings in France with a load-bearing structure made completely in Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), a material produced by gluing solid-sawn lumber layers perpendicular to one another. This is a very interesting building technique, since it reduces construction times substantially, provides a high thermal and sound insulation, reduces energy consumption with an excellent carbon footprint. “The entire building was designed to be thermally and acoustically efficient while maintaining a very competitive price”, A+ Architecture says.


Lucien Cornil student residence: site-plan. 


Lucien Cornil student residence: photo of the building site.

The project by A+ Architecture – winner of an architectural competition in 2015 – is the result of a design process very attentive to the context whose outcome is a functional and comfortable 200-room student residence. Careful positioning in the site and the arrangement of the three interconnected blocks that compose the student residence allowed the creation of high-quality communal areas and circulation spaces, as well a building open onto the city, despite the high density of the urban area in which it is situated. The residence includes a double-height lobby space, student rooms open onto a communal enclosed garden, and spaces with high acoustical insulation due to both the timber-based construction system and the arrangement of the windows opening on the street.
The building’s facades are clad with aluminum panels coupled with a wavy external skin made of wavy perforated metal sheets. At night, artificial light coming from inside the building and filtering through its semi-transparent envelope transforms it into a highly recognizable urban landmark.


Lucien Cornil student residence: axonometric view.







Lucien Cornil student residence. Photos Benoit Wehrlé 


Lucien Cornil student residence: cross section.

Lucien Cornil Student Residence – fact sheet


COMPLETION: November 2017
LOCATION: Marseilles, Bouches-du-Rhone (FR)
CLIENT: Crous in Aix-Marseille Avignon
PROGRAM: Wooden construction of 200 lodgings in an eight-floor building, Cité U Lucien Cornil site
SURFACE AREA: 4, 352 m2 SDP land 12,000 m2
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Travaux du Midi (Vinci)


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