Museo Ebraico | Jewish museum

Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, Venezia
Veneto, Italy
Phone: +39 (0)41 715359
closed on: none
Museum Type: History / City

Ghetto is an old Venetian word coined to identify the place where Jewish people were segregated.
Not far form the rail station, the Museo Ebraico (Jewish Museum) of Venice is not a traditional museum, it is indeed an articulated architectural complex where some of the most symbolic places that key-pointed the long history of the Jews in Venice can be visited.

The five ancient Synagogues, the Jewish cemetery, and the main museum building, where the history, the everyday life, the religion, the festivities of the Jewish Community in Venice are exhibited and explained through both precious and everyday objects.
A new section, called Jews in Venice depicts the artistic and cultural course of the Community during the stages of its Venetian stay from the Middle ages to present day.

The museum also offers temporary exhibitions and a library. A strongly recommended visit for who wants going further the most obvious attractions in the City on the lagoon.

Photos: cover by Ramón, 1 and 2 by Inexhibit

Jewish museum Venice

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