Waft, the installation designed by we+ brings us closer to nature


Waft, the installation designed by we+ brings us closer to nature

In Japan there are countless words for mist, including Usugiri (light mist), kawagiri (river mist), yugiri (evening mist), moya (mist), and kasumi (haze); enchanting atmospheric event, in Japanese culture mist has been represented with delicacy and poetry through haiku, paintings, calligraphy.
‘Waft’, the installation conceived by the Japanese design studio We+, has recreated the behavior of the mist, chosen for its poetic qualities and therefore capable of arousing curiosity: “in modern life, where convenience and rationality are sought, mist tends to be seen as a mere change in weather that obstructs the view, and the sense of nostalgia and tenderness for it is disappearing…Gazing at the flickering mist in a frame, just as we do with a painting, or observing it swirling in a circular window and touching it from time to time: these experiences offer opportunities to awaken people’s innate sensitivity to nature and to reconnect with it. ” (we+).
‘Waft’, is the final installation of the exhibition called “Nature Study: Mist”. Conceived in response to the worrying effects of climate change taking place globally, the Nature Study project aims to bring attention back to the relationship between humans and the natural environment, through the exploration of projects that can facilitate, even empathically, the relationship.

We+ is a contemporary design studio founded in 2013 by Toshiya Hayashi and Hokuto Ando, that gives form to new perspectives and values using methods based on research and experimentation. we+ inc. www.weplus.jp







We+, pictures from the exhibition “Nature Study: Mist”, and its installation “Waft”
courtesy of We+


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