2016 ‘Time Space Existence’ exhibition at Palazzo Mora, Venice


As part of the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 “Reporting from the Front”, the collateral event “Time Space Existence” at Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora, and Palazzo Rossini, presents an international group of architects from 6 continents.

The exhibition documents current developments and thoughts in architecture, highlighting fundamental questions by discussing the philosophical concepts of “Time, Space, and Existence”.
Architects with different cultural backgrounds, and who are in different stages of their careers – established architects next to architects whose works might be less known – have in common their dedication to architecture in the broadest sense of their profession.

The rooms in Palazzo Bembo mainly highlight solo presentations by architects such as Peter Eisenman, Curt Fentress, Woha, and Studio Razavi, or research projects such as the University of Arkansas.
The exhibition at Palazzo Mora presents, within its grand spaces, a variety of architects such as the work of Denise Scott Brown, the University of Sydney, Auckland, and MIT.
In Palazzo Rossini takes place a large presentation from the work of GMP Architekten and the AAC Academy.






above: Time Space Existence at Palazzo Mora, Venice. Installation views, photos (c) Inexhibit.



Time Space Existence, (Palazzo Mora). In their exhibition ‘City(e)State’ Alison Brooks Architects documents the evolution of state-sponsored housing architecture as a reflection of the social, economic, and political values of the day.  The exhibition uncovers qualities found in Britain’s monumental urban housing estates, and how these have become synonymous with economic and social segregation. These are examined in relation to four specific urban paradigms found in a north London neighborhood: 1890s suburb; 1960s modernist estate; contemporary masterplan; and intensified, ‘ideal’ future. (Photos Paul Riddle).


Time Space Existence, (Palazzo Bembo) With “archstrataantioch” EAA – Emre Arolat Architecture, showcases the Antakya Museum Hotel project, located in the center of Antakya close to St. Pierre Church. In Antakya, in a geography where every dig reveals findings of archeological relevance, contrary to the common practice the client chose to unveil the potential of the site.

Time Space Existence

Participating architects are
a.o.: 109 Architectes (LBN); 2architecture (CAN); A-01 + PVAMU (USA); Academy for Architectural Culture (DEU); ADAN (JPN); Pep Admetlla (ESP); Adoff Arquitetos (PRT); B&M Architects (FIN); Alison Brooks (GBR); Joaquin Alvado + University of Alicante (ESP); Ed Anthony (GBR); APT Architecture / Atelier Pagnamenta Torriani (USA); Architecture Project (MLT); Arditti + RDT Architects (MEX); Michael Donalds (FIN); Bruno Erpicum & Partners (BEL); Atelier Martel (FRA); Auckland University of Technology and University of Sydney (AUS); bFarchitecture (BEL); Andrey Bokov (RUS); Louise Braverman (USA); Marcus Bredt (DEU): Michael Burch (USA); Carla Bechelli Arquitectos (ARG); CAZA (USA); Nina Choi (USA); Stanislaw Chomicki (POL); Chu Chih Kang (TWN) ; Paul Clemence (USA); Waltraut Cooper (AUT); Creus e Carrasco Arquitectos (ESP); Gustavo Crisóstomo (CHL); Damman Akero (NOR); Lorena Darquea Schettini (ECU); Bruno Delamain (FRA); Vivian Dembo (VEN); Design Haus Liberty + Artliner (GBR); Di Vece Arquitectos (MEX); Amy Dolego (USA); Aaron Dougherty (USA); Duplex Arkitekten (DEU); René Durr (CHE); EBA [M] (IRN); Eisenman Architects (USA); Chris Elliott (AUS); Elsa Urquijo Architects (ESP); EAA – Emre Arolat Architecture (TUR); Espiral Arquitectos (CHL); Estudio Botteri-Connell (ARG); Estudio Ramos (ARG); ETH Zürich (CHE); Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design | Marlon Blackwell Architects | UA Community Design Center (USA); Fentress Architects (USA); Form4 Architecture (USA); Frank Havermans (NED); Mads Fredrik (DNK); Antonio Freiles (ITA); FWC (CAN); Nelson Garrido (PRT); Gerber Architekten (DEU); Beatriz Gerenstein (ARG); GMP (DEU); Nella Golanda (GRC); Gorgona (MDA); GRAS arquitectos (ESP); Edward Groeger (AUT); Gus Wüstemann (CHE); Nick Guttridge (GBR); Haeahn Architecture (KOR); Han Xiaofeng, School of Architecture of Southeast University (CHN); Bruno Helbling (CHE); Helin & Co Architects (FIN); Henning Stummel (GBR); Ingarden & Ewy Architects (POL); Ingo Schrader (DEU); INNOCAD (AUT); Interplan2 Architects (ITA); Jacob + MacFarlane (FRA); Evan Joseph (USA); KAMJZ (POL); Karawitz (FRA); Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DEU); Johannes Knoops (USA); Kouvo & Partanen Architects (FIN); Renate Krammer (AUT); Leap (MEX); Lee + Mundwiler (USA); Lewis and Gould Architect (USA); Lightroom + Bojana Ginn (USA); Lieven Lefere (BEL); Maki and Associates (JPN); Manasaram Architects (IND); Endoh Masaki + CIT (JNP); MYAA Mangera Yvars Architects (GBR); Manifold Design (USA); MAP (USA); Materia Arquitectónica (MEX); MCM Group (USA); Meridian 105 (USA); Christian Michel (FRA); Min 2 (NLD); Michael Moran (USA); Tanja Milbourne (AUS); MIT (USA); MKPL (SGP); Peter Molick (USA); Andres Morales (CRI); Paulo Moreira (PRT); Morger Partner Architekten (CHE); Moskow Linn Architects (USA); Nanjing University (CHN); Noriko Naoi (JPN); Nathan Yip Foundation (USA); Nickl & Partner (DEU); Nissen Wentzlaff (CHE); Nyrens Arkitektkontor (SWE); OBRA (USA); odD+Architects (ECU); Satoshi Okada (JPN); Ricardo Oliveira Alves (PRT); One Plus Partnership (CHN); Orproject (GBR); Ivan Padovani (BRA); PAR – Platform for Architecture + Research (USA); Patricia Parinejad (DEU – USA); Patrick TIGHE Architecture (USA); Alan Pert and University of Melbourne (AUS); Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta (PRT); Budi Pradono and Architects (IDN); Proarh (HRV); Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (NED); Project Realization Architectural Studio (RUS); Sigrid Rauchdobler (AUT); Luis Rodríguez López (MLT – ESP); Ruinelli Architetti Associati (CHE); School of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; (CHN); SchilderScholte (NED); Schulz und Schulz + Stefan Müller (DEU); Denise Scott Brown (USA); Seconda Universita’ di Napoli, Dipartimento di Architettura e Disegno Digitale (ITA); SEHW Architektur (DEU); Serrano Monjaraz (MEX); Shatotto (BGD); Ken Shimizu (JPN); Endo Shuhei (JPN); Isa Stein Studio (AUT); Stenger2 Architekten und Partner (DEU); Studio Cachoua Torres Camilletti (MEX); Studio Razavi Architecture + youfeel.org (FRA – USA); Studio Vulkan (CHE); Studiobird (AUS); Sweet Sparkman Architects and University of Florida College (USA); Takasaki Architects (JPN); Tarh O Amayesh (IRN); Terry&Terry Architecture (USA); Juri Troy Architects (AUT); Turenscape (CHN); Simon Twose (NZL); UnitedLAB (USA); Universidad Anáhuac México (MEX); Universidad Iberoamericana (MEX); (ESP);Urban Lab Plus; UTPL – Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja (ECU); Vidal Arquitectos (MEX); Wannenmacher + Moeller (DEU); WY-TO Architects (SGP); WOHA (SGP); Wulf Architekten (DEU); Yohan Zerdoun + Kister Scheithauer Gross Architekten (DEU); ZHAO Siyi, School of  Architecture of Southeast University (CHN); Zhu Wenyi, School of Architecture of Tsinghua University (CHN).


Palazzo Bembo, Venice.


Palazzo Mora, Venice.


Palazzo Rossini, Venice.

Time Space Existence
temporary exhibition
28 May / 27 November 2016

Palazzo Bembo, Riva del Carbon, 4793 – www.palazzobembo.org
Palazzo Mora, Strada Nuova, 3659 – www.palazzomora.org
Palazzo Rossini, Campo Manin,4013 – www. palazzorossini.org

Promoter: Global Art Affairs Foundation
Organizers: Rene Rietmeyer, Valeria Romagnini, Sara Danieli, Lucia Pedrana, Elena Volpato, Alessandra Benazzato, Clara Frison

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Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 – Reporting from the Front – INDEX

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 – Reporting from the Front – INDEX

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 – Reporting from the Front – INDEX

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