The restoration and repurposing of Helfštýn Castle Palace by Czech architects atelier-r

The restoration and repurposing of Helfštýn Castle Palace in The Czech Republic by atelier-r

Developed by atelier-r architects, the renovation project of the Helfštýn Castle Palace comprised the restoration and repurposing of a renaissance complex in the Czech Republic dating back to the 14th century.
Closed in 2014 due to the serious risk of collapse of portions of walls and a general deterioration of its structures, the castle complex was the subject of an in-depth preliminary analysis based on a 3D model created through thousands of photographs that allowed to map the stratification of the walls and plasters. The intervention on the castle palace did not concern only the restoration of the existing structures, but also included the more general rethinking of the complex, with the aim of improving the visitor experience in reading the Renaissance complex.
Following these premises, atelier-r has inserted new elements – such as glass roofs and physical connections between the different levels – clearly recognizable and distinct from the historical parts thanks to a contemporary language and made with three main materials.
The insertion of flat sandblasted glass roofs guarantees the perfect natural diffused light for the preparation of the exhibitions that will be held inside the building, while transparent glass was chosen for the roof of the chapel. Corten steel was chosen for the stairs and walkways that form the new tourist route, both for the aesthetic qualities due to the natural process of oxidation and change over time, and because the Helfštýn castle is known for its traditional iron craftsmanship. The ground floor paths are made up of smooth concrete panels defined by Corten steel profiles.









images courtesy of atelier-r, photos by BoysPlayNice

Relfštýn Castle Palace Reconstruction  |  fact sheet

Architects: atelier-r  | Miroslav Pospíšil, principal architect
tř. Spojenců 748/20, 779 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic ,
Co-author: Martin Karlík, principal project manager
Project location: Helfštýn by Týn nad Bečvou
Project Country: Czech Republic
Project year: 2015-2016
Completion year: 2020
Built-up Area: 1370 m2
Gross Floor Area: 3000 m2
Client: Olomouc Region  –
Design team: Robert Randys, Lucie Rohelová, Adéla Tomečková, Milena Koblihová, Daria Johanesová / atelier-r
Structural stability of historical constructions: Ladislav Klusáček,
Structural stability of newly inserted constructions: Jan Lukáš,
Rehabilitation of the damp parts of historical walls: Pavel Fára,
Steel and corten construction: Zámečnictví Sloupský
Glass construction: Bubeník 1913
Concrete floors: AAP hranice
Photographer: BoysPlayNice –


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