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For the upcoming Milan design week – which will run from April 9 through 14, 2019 – “5VIE art + design” confirms its objective to promote high-quality design, art, and craftsmanship.

cover image: Waiting for the “5Vie art+design” press conference, Milan, via Santa Marta 18, February, 27,2019

The organizer aims to combine various forms of creativity instead of sorting them into rigid conceptual “containers”.
The district’s concept is based on the idea of a “widespread design museum” comprising ateliers, concept stores, shops, and art galleries that open to the public during the design week to present exhibitions, installations and performances.

We have selected some of the events on the program, the complete list is available at

Ugo La Pietra – Design Territoriale. Genius Loci. (via Cesare Correnti, 14)
Ugo La Pietra presents his solo exhibition “Design Territoriale, Genius Loci”, which investigates La Pietra’s long-term interest in submerged material culture. His research has been focused on Italian object making heritage, both in terms of materials and production techniques.
The result of this activity has led to a heightened awareness of the extraordinary heritage that still distinguishes our territory, giving rise to the growing trend of “territorial design”.
The “collection” on the show is a symbolic selection of objects designed by Ugo La Pietra and by other artists and designers and made by artisans throughout Italy who, in doing so, continue to uphold their traditions in a new expression of their culture and territory.


Ugo la Pietra, Design Territoriale Genius Loci, objects made of alabaster from Volterra

Kiki Van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk – Connect
with the participation of Niels Hoebers, Sander Wassink, and Michela Castagnaro.
(via Cesare Correnti, 14)
The site-specific installation “Connect” by Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk investigates the connections between nature and people, between subconscious creativity and physical expressions, and among different disciplines and materials. Kiki van Eijk presents Free Form, a series of ceramic LED lamps modeled on the repetition of natural forms. Joost van Bleiswijk presents Curved and Taped, sculptural forms that focus on the expressive gesture, distancing them from functionality.

Carlo Massoud – The Fish and the Crowd (Oratorio della Passione, Piazza Sant’Ambrogio)
The Fish and the Crowd is the first solo exhibition by the young Lebanese designer in Italy, and brings together several objects realized since the designer started his studio in Beirut in 2013 until today. Massoud translates the world surrounding him into every day lively objects, as in his Arab Dolls, a series of black lacquered wooden small dolls; the Capture collection, which witnesses and interprets the recent great boom of many Middle Eastern towns, and the toy-size series of excavators of the Beirut 8 collection, where the designer gives an answer to the insane gentrification of the capital of Lebanon.


Carlo Massoud, The Fish and the Crowd, Arab Dolls, brass edition, 2015, photo Carlo Massoud

The Litta Variations / Opus 5 (Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta, 24)
The project will include 22 exhibitors representing some 65 international designers from around the world, who will animate the spaces of Palazzo Litta’s Courtyard of Honor, Piano Nobile, Clock Court, and Litta Theater and Foyer.

Kanz | ZPStudio | Franceschinis | Studio F – HYBRITÈQUE. The Hybrid Library
(SIAM – Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, Via Santa Marta, 18)
The design practices KANZ and ZPSTUDIO, the craftsman/designer Lorenzo Franceschinis and the wood-lab Studio F join forces to widen the horizon on contemporary design, bringing the different field of expertise under the same light, with a project where different materials are blended through archaic and innovative techniques. This experimentation process with blown glass, a delicate filigree of marble powder and hand-turner wood converge into a limited edition production of homeware and furnishing accessories.

WELCOME DESIGN – Galleria Unione, 4 is the media partner of the exhibition “WELCOME DESIGN” conceived by Nelly and Patrizia Bonati and made in collaboration with the association FATTOAMANOCREMONA.
For WELCOME DESIGN, designers/makers join together in the “Foto Studio Internazionale” space in the Galleria dell’ Unione 4, a few feet away from Via Torino and Piazza Duomo.
The exhibition presents products that combine contemporary design with craftsmanship, with special attention to sustainability and upcycling.

Patrizia Bonati – gioielli di laboratorio. Traditionally renowned for her small objects, at Welcome Design she decided to present DROPS, unique pieces of a larger size made by using ancient silverware-making techniques. The collection will comprise silver and copper vases chiseled by hand, with hammer and anvil, whose physical presence and delicate irregularities are emphasized by a patina made by using the Ni-iro Japanese technique.

Architect and designer, Nelly Bonati presents the series of vases crudoSIstema.
Fully expressing the concept of upcycling, the collection originates from recovered glass and plastics containers, remodeled with a sinuous covering made of a mix of raw earth and gypsum plaster. The different aspect of each piece results from the different forms of the original containers, and from colors and texture of raw earth and gypsum plaster embellished by an oil-and-beewax finish.

5VIE-WELCOME-DESIGN-Nelly Bonati handmade vases

 Nelly Bonati | crudoSIstema

Presenting BRAIN INK-HOME, La Manica Lunga Officina Creativa activates experimental art programs aimed to promote people’s diverse abilities; this way, art becomes a valuable instrument of prevention and social inclusion. Since 2005, La Manica Lunga is running projects and collaborations in Europe; some artists involved in its activities are now featured in Outsider Art museums. La Manica Lunga presents a limited edition series of placemats.


 La Manica Lunga Officina Creativa | sottopiatto.06 – BRAIN INK-HOME

Architect and designer Federica Lusiardi [Bianchini & Lusiardi Associati] presents her Terrestre-re-lamps collection of lamps. The project, which comprises some limited-edition objects, emphasizes the use of hand-made paper, but the focus is on extremely clean-cut forms as well as on the possibility to combine different lampshades. Each piece uniqueness is obtained by overlapping, weaving, and folding the paper, which is partially recycled.


Federica Lusiardi | O1S+ TERRESTRE re-lamps

400GON is a design office based in Naples. “We believe in a 360-degree approach to design, hence the name 400GON. We create either temporary or permanent spaces, ranging from the intimacy of a home to the convivial atmosphere of a restaurant, providing each project with an identity and taking charge of the whole design process, from inception to completion. We further enrich our projects with bespoke elements designed by us to give each space uniqueness and originality“. On exhibition with C5, side table and lamp.


Andrea Arpenti – 400GON | C5

After receiving her degree in Architecture, Angela Ippolito began a project with graphic designer Jérèmy Ruiz and together they founded Studio L’Ile. Their collaboration focuses on interior design, architecture, communication, and exhibition design.  In 2017, Studio L’Île inaugurated the project “Craftory Design”, a productive and customizable experiment which, through deep scrutiny of the material and immaterial cultural heritage from historical craftsmanship, realizes unique pieces and very limited series, re-elaborated in a contemporary style. On exhibition with C/C07, glass/cup holder made from incised canes.


 Angela Ippolito | C/C07, Craftory Design.


Andrea Arpenti (400GON) and Angela Ippolito were selected through the open Call “in.di calling | 01”, promoted by

WELCOME DESIGN, Galleria Unione, 4 Milan –  installation views – (c) Inexhibit











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