Ledro | Sphere land art installation

Place: Ledro (Trento), Country: Italy
Project by: STUDIO LandAlab
created for Ledro Land Art 2013
Text and images courtesy of Studio LandAlab - Cernobbio / Italy


Sphere – Photo by studio LandAlab, all rights reserved

Project report  by studio LandAlab

The installation consists in a large spherical solid positioned in the centre of a nature trail.
In an environment where the main acting force is gravity, a sphere is clearly a product of the human activity.
The structure is made of a wooden core, metal mesh to model the main surface and jute sacks to produce the irregular bumps, and finally two layers of turf, necessary to support future growth.
The organic surface layer negates the precision of the sphere recalling the irregularity present in nature and producing a tactile experience.


Sphere – Photo by studio LandAlab, all rights reserved

The installation interrupts an already existent trail: with the passing of time, new trails will be traced around its perimeter by visitors. This will allow a circular experience of the sphere’s surface and the observation of what will find home on top of it.


Sphere – Photo by  studio LandAlab, all rights reserved

Sphere is a work created for Ledro Land Art 2013 (*)

(*) Ledro Land Art is an art itinerary into the woodland, launched in 2012 by the Municipality of Ledro, aimed to value the landscape and promote the relationship between art and nature. Every summer, different artists are invited at the Pur pine forest, to provide their own interpretation of the surrounding environment by realizing site-specific artworks.

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