Paris: Archiee’s exhibition system makes tradition and technology meet

Place: Paris, Country: France
Archiee - Yusuke Kinoshita and Daisuke Sekine
design for the exhibition "L'artisanat Local Japonais à la Pointe"
Maison de la Culture du Japon, Paris.
Text by Inexhibit
Images, courtesy of Archiee


Paris: Archiee’s exhibition system makes tradition and technology meet 

The project Pleat Luster has been conceived by Paris-based design practice Archiee (founded by architects Yusuke Kinoshita and Daisuke Sekine) for the exhibition L’artisanat Local Japonais à la Pointe (Local Japanese Craft at the Cutting Edge) which ran at the Maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris from November 22 through December 3, 2016.

The exhibition featured craft objects produced in different Japanese prefectures; therefore, each group of objects had to be displayed in a dedicated showcase, yet similar to all others in both dimensions and morphology.


Taking inspiration from Japan’s traditional byobu screen, Archiee fulfilled the client’s requests by designing an exhibition system made by an horizontal display case and two luminous vertical panels, which provide support and light-screening, and integrate graphics and description texts.
The back-lit panels were illuminated by LED lamps, concealed behind a white fabric – stretched on a wood frame – which, additionally, provided the panels with an elegant texture and made them pleasing to touch.


Since the exhibition had to be set up within the building’s lobby in only three hours, the designers conceived quick-to-assemble elements which, additionally, could be compacted to fit a 900x900mm module (corresponding to the Japanese traditional space unit) to make their transport and storing easier.




The circular arrangement of the exhibition was aimed to create an intimate space, sheltered from noise and hubbub coming from the street, as well as to emphasize a comprehensive and panoramic vision of the objects on show.


Photos: Archiee

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