Bergamo | OAB pavilion

Place: Seriate (Bergamo), Country: Italy
Client: Ordine degli Architetti di Bergamo Sponsor: Rodeca-Italia
Exhibition design:
DEP studio - Paola Belussi, Marco Gottini, David Moriggia
Texts and images courtesy of DEP studio - Paratico / Italy


Introduction – by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit

The request to design a space by using almost exclusively a single, specific material, can become an intriguing challenge aimed to exploit its peculiar characteristics and force them beyond their supposed limits.
In this pavilion, designed for Chamber of Architects of Bergamo by DEP STUDIO, what could seem an apparent limitation has actually become an expressive medium. Sometimes it happens.


Project report  – text by DEP studio

The main assumption to design the pavilion of the Architects of Bergamo at the fair Edil 2013 was the prevalent use of alveolar polycarbonate panels produced by Rodeca Italy, sponsor of the intervention.
From here came the idea to use a product to achieve a two-dimensional monolith translucent, from some points of view that is very stiff and smooth, while other is jagged and undefined. A volume in which you can enter, changing, evanescent, but at the same time very material, in fact, mono-material.


External view of the pavilion – Photo by DEP studio, all rights reserved


View of the entrance side and a close-up view of the advertising gadgets – Photos by DEP studio, all rights reserved

From the constructive point of view the pavilion is achieved by overlaying polycarbonate panels resulting from production rejects united with common metal clasps. Each clip, with a label with the logos of sponsors indicated, can be extracted from the visitor becoming an advertising gadget.

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Detail drawings- copyright DEP Studio


Another external view of the pavilion – Photo by DEP studio, all rights reserved

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