Molo softwall + softblock modular system

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MOLO softwall + softblock modular system
Text by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit

This article is not dedicated to a specific exhibition space but to the softwall + softblock modular system, produced by the Canadian firm Molo design.
We have decided to feature it, although not being exclusively conceived for exhibitions, because it is a highly innovative solution, ideal for creating enclosed areas inside a larger undifferentiated space. Along with allowing a varied set of visually appealing configurations, some of the most interesting qualities of the system are its lightness, the possibility to pack the modules in a reduced volume about 5cm thick, the flexibility of its honeycomb structure as well as the sustainability of the materials adopted.



The elements of the system are available in two different materials: a non-woven textile version, made of a highly tear, UV and water resistant polyethylene, and a kraft paper version. The paper adopted is made with 50% recycled fibre and 50% new long fibre, required to provide the elements the necessary stiffness.



The system as a whole is very light, made by using a reduced amount of material and does not require fixing elements and anchoring because the modules are connected through small concealed magnets.

It is also possible to equip the modular elements with an integrated LED lighting system, so to obtain flexible glowing partitions.



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