Milan | EXPO 2015 | United Kingdom Pavilion

Place: Milan, Country: Italy
Pavilion of the United Kingdom
Design: Wolfgang Buttress
Realized by Stage One and Rise
Text by Inexhibit
Photos © Inexhibit, 2015, All rights reserved

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EXPO 2015 | Pavilion of the United Kingdom
by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit

The United Kingdom participation at EXPO Milan 2015, entitled Grown in Britain: Shared Globally is aimed to improve the awareness of the impact of food production and consumption on people’s everyday life worldwide. Food politics and decisions contribute to the wellness and health of every person, but those made in the industrialized countries also have an influence on the availability of food in the emerging ones.

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The pavilion of the United Kingdom presents innovations related to every aspect of the food chain, from seed to dish, from fields to tables. The subject covered include agricultural technologies, nutritional safety, food and beverages, functional aliments, logistics, global markets and international projects. The objective is to invite to promote the debate on food safety and knowledge into local communities, schools and universities as well as to encourage a responsible and equitable food consumption.

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The design of the pavilion is inspired to the unique function that apiaries have in our ecosystem and adopts this metaphor to express the concept behind the participation of the United Kingdom at the Expo.
On an total surface of 1,910 square meters, the pavilion, designed by Wolfgang Buttress after winning an architectural competition and realized by Stage One and Rise, is composed of a trail surrounded by series of planters filled with grass and flowers, symbolizing a meadow, at the end of which a spectacular hive-like metal structure receives the visitors; this surprising latticework accommodates a viewing platform, a LED-base lighting system and audiovisual equipment. Surrounded by real-bee sounds and buzzes the public grasp the essence of the pavilion which, actually, tells us how the combination of nature, art and technology could be the solution for a sustainable future for all of us.



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Photos © Inexhibit, 2015 All rights reserved

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EXPO Milan 2015 – Index

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