Milan Design Week | Michele De Lucchi’s “Walk”

Place: Milano, Italy
Milan Furniture Fair 2015
The Walk (La passeggiata)
Milan Furniture Fair, 2015
Workplace 3.0, pavilions 22-24
commissioner: Federlegno ArredoEventi
project design: Michele de Lucchi
Text and Images by Inexhibit

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Michele De Lucchi – The Walk (la passeggiata)

With his “The Walk” (La passeggiata) Michele de Lucchi invites us to a different vision of working through a “peripatetic” meditation around the workspace.
“Around” is a pertinent word, because this installation, visible at the Milan Furniture Fair until April 19, is composed of a circular ramped itinerary inviting the visitors to walk across a manifold space made of micro-architectures, thinking places, workshops, socializing spaces, and fitness rooms.
A deconstructive proposal that avoids the stereotype of working spaces as aseptic and indifferent spaces and “humanistically” focuses on people and their relationships.

(…) the traditional idea of the office work and its workplace disintegrates due to our increased mobility, personalized technologies and the growing attention to our human well-being(Michele de Lucchi, Nicholas Bewick)

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The Walk (la Passeggiata) – temporary exhibition
Milan Furniture Fair – 2015
April 14 / 19, 2015
Workplace 3.0, pavilions 22-24

Commissioner: Federlegno ArredoEventi
Project design: Michele de Lucchi
Project directors: Nicholas Bewick, Davide Angeli

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