Design focuses on nomadic living | Milan Design Week 2017

Place: Milan, Italy

Milan Design Week 2017 |  Design Nomade at Base focuses on contemporary nomadic living

During the Milan Design Week, Base Milano, the main venue of Zona Tortona Design District, hosts Design Nomade, an interesting event and exhibition focused on contemporary “nomadic living”.

Curated by Base in collaboration with Stefano Mirti – through exhibitions, meetings, live performances, talks, debates, workshops, and a digital archive – Design Nomade investigates various subjects, including mobile technology, neo-nomadism, remote working and co-working,  traveling, work and home space hybridization – as well as their impact on contemporary design.

The exhibition features in detail 21 selected works, while all 118 works submitted for the event are on view in the digital archive.
We present here some of the projects on exhibition.

Water Bed by Daniel Durnin
Designed by London-based designer Daniel Durnin, Water Bed “is a minimalist, nomadic shelter which offers the possibility of camping out in the urban environment using the waterways that cross the landscape”. By hybridizing a raft and a floating house, Durnin created a new – low-cost, sustainable, and a bit “autarchic” – housing solution.

Water Bed nomadic shelter by Daniel Durnin Inexhibit

Water Bed by Daniel Durnin; photo © Inexhibit, 2017

Solari, a portable outdoor solar cooker by Bodin Hon
, conceived by American designer Bodin Hon, is a small solar-powered kitchen.
Ideal for a mobile lifestyle, the cooker is portable and highly sustainable, since it does not use gas, wood, or electricity. Composed of aluminum layers, an insulated jacket, a custom pot coating, and a neoprene outer sleeve, Solari is aimed to provide a ” pollution-free, stress-free, fuel-free outdoor cooking experience”.

Solari portable outdoor solar cooker by Bodin Hon Inexhibit

Solari, portable solar-powered kitchen by Bodin Hon; photo © Inexhibit, 2017

OneSQM House by Van Bo Le Mentzel
Designed by Laotian-born German architect Van Bo Le Mentzel, OneSQM House is defined as “the smallest house on wheels ever made”.
The house is an open-source project everyone can reproduce, modify and tailor to his/her own needs starting from freely downloadable drawings and instructions.
OneSQM is made in timber, it weights only 10 Kg / 22 lbs, and can be assembled in just one day without any particular technical skills or tools, using materials available to all.

OneSQM House on wheels di Van Bo Le Mentzel Inexhibit

OneSQM House by Van Bo Le Mentzel; photo © Inexhibit, 2017

Microarch by Modom Srl
Installed outside Base Milano, Microarch is a modular smart home made of prefabricated wood-based elements, and developed by Italian company Modom.
The house can be easily moved, disassembled, and reassembled in a different place; furthermore, its square footage can be reduced or increased to suit its users’ needs.

Microarch smarthouse by Modom Inexhibit 01

Microarch smarthouse by Modom Inexhibit 02Microarch smarthouse by Modom Inexhibit 03

Modom Microarch modular house; photo © Inexhibit, 2017

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