London | Rain interactive by Luzinterruptus

Place: London, Country: United Kingdom
Installation by Luzinterruptus
Text by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit
All images courtesy of Luzinterruptus

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London | Interactive Light installation by Luzinterruptus for free water for all
by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit

Luzinterruptus is a Spanish artist collective that in the last years has conceived and built striking installations aimed to arise attention on fundamental social issues, from freedom of speech to the defence of the principles of democracy and the public condemnation of their violations, from the struggle against consumerism to the protection of natural resources.

Often made with recycled or “ordinary” objects and using light as a communication means, Luzinterruptus creates installations, sometimes lasting only few hours, and specially-commissioned projects, in urban spaces, public squares, and subway stations.

In September 2015, their project Interactive Light, originally presented in Madrid in 2013, was installed in London for the festival Totally Thames, at the invitation of the Watermans Arts Centre.

On the occasion, coherently with the theme of the event, the installation – renamed Rain Interactive – was “tuned” to highlight the role of water as a public good, and to promote the protection of water resources.
For this work, Luzinterruptus used 3000 condoms of different size, which were filled with blue-colored water and lit from the inside, thus creating a dreamy environment made of giant water drops that visitors could wander around, see, touch, and hear.

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All images courtesy of Luzinterruptus

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