The London Design Festival at the V&A

Place: London, Country: United Kingdom
Text by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit
Photos by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit


The London Design Festival at the Victoria & Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert museum in London is the largest museum in the world dedicated to decorative arts. It is a prominent cultural institution which, along with its imposing permanent collection, features outstanding temporary exhibitions, workshops and meetings.
The museum also houses various events and exhibitions connected to the 2014 London Design Festival, among which we present here three very interesting installations.


Double space for BMW-Precision & poetry in motion, housed into the Raphael Gallery until 24 October 2014, is a large ambient installation playing with the perception of space.
Everything inside the gallery is reflected on the surface of two huge wing-shaped rotating mirrors, suspended under the hall ceiling. Continuously changing sights are thus generated, mixing together the reflected images of the artworks on the walls to that of the people moving to and fro inside the Gallery.

Double space for BMW-Precision & poetry in motion
Design project: Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
Victoria & Albert Museum
Raphael Gallery, until 24 October 2014



Candela, located inside the Tapestry Gallery, one of the darkest in the V&A museum, is an installation conceived by a multidisciplinary design team.
The installation, which name refers to the unit of luminous intensity, is of a great visual impact. A slowly spinning green disc, placed in the middle of the darkened space, presents always-changing patterns created by the interaction of a special lighting system with a fluorescent coating, which briefly retains the “memory” of light as a trace on the disk surface.

design team: Felix de pass, Michael Montgomery, Ian McIntyre
Victoria & Albert Museum
Gallery 94, tapestry, until 21 September 2014




Crest is a sculpture by Zaha Hadid, temporarily installed over the water basin located in the middle of the John Madejski Garden at the V&A museum. The sculpture, which represents an experiment on the relations between Cartesian and fluid space, solid and void, surface and structure, will be disassembled at the end of the Festival so to be transferred to its permanent location at the ME Hotel in Dubai, opening in 2016.

design project, Zaha Hadid
Victoria & Albert Museum
John Madejski Garden
until 24 october 2014




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