Limiteazero designs 5 multimedia carousels for FICO Eataly World in Bologna

Place: Bologna, Country: Italy
FICO Eataly World
Multimeda carousels - permanent exhibtition
Location: FICO Eataly World
via Paolo Canali, 8 - Bologna
Design: Limiteazero and Clonwerk
Text: Inexhibit
Images courtesy of Limiteazero

Limiteazero and Clonwerk design multimedia carousels for FICO Eataly World in Bologna


FICO Eataly World – multimedia carousels, “man and sea”, installation view.

Limiteazero and Clonwerk have recently designed an array of multisensory exhibition spaces for FICO Eataly World, a new agricultural and food park in Bologna, Italy.

The permanent exhibition extends on five pavilions, which were nicknamed “multimedia carousels” to underline their playful edutainment character, encompassing a total floor area of 1,500 square meters (16,000 square feet).
The exhibitions were conceived to provide their visitors an immersive experience focused on five themes representative of the Italian agricultural and food biodiversity: “man and fire”, “man and earth”, “man and animals”, “man and sea”, and “the history of oil, wine, and beer“. The  objective is to inform people about how food is produced and cultivated and, more generally, about the virtuous relationship that humans establish with the natural environment when they respect and understand it.


The gallery was designed as a multidisciplinary environment, apt to provide content to different types of public, in which emotional, informational, and entertainment means of communication coexist. The carousels’ “physicality” – which are characterized by different materials and colors depending on the various themes they depict – mixes with and supports an “immaterial” side consisting of digital content, videos, and sounds.
As in most science centers, the exhibition features immersive experiences which can be explored both individually or in small groups. A lighthouse covered with monitors describes fishing methods; a robotic arm plows the earth, sows seeds, and harvests; a 360-degree cinema features a captivating holographic 3D projection of a fire performance which “materializes” at its center.



FICO Eataly World – multimedia carousels, “man and earth”, installation views.



FICO Eataly World – multimedia carousels, “man and fire”, installation views.


FICO Eataly World – Multimedia carousels, “man and animals”, installation view.

Limiteazero is a Milan-based exhibition and interaction design office.
Clonwerk is a Rome and Milan based firm specializing in audiovisual and graphic design.

Extending on a 100,000-square-meter area on the outskirts of Bologna, FICO – an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Contadina (Italian Agricultural Factory) – is a food-themed science park conceived by Oscar Farinetti, founder of the Italian food hall brand Eataly, in partnership with cooperatives, public corporations, and private investors.

Project data:
Multimeda Carousels – FICO Eataly World
Design: Limiteazero and Clonwerk

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